Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Williams Mechanical?

Williams Mechanical is a family-owned company staffed by trained, experienced technicians. Delivering client-focused service, it is our mission to exceed your expectations with every service visit and turn first-time customers into lifetime customers. Experience the difference for yourself!

Do you offer free estimates?

Williams Mechanical provides free estimates on replacement HVAC and indoor air quality systems, as well as some large-scale plumbing and electrical projects. To determine whether a free estimate is available for your project, contact our team today.

How can I save energy?

Installing a properly sized, high-efficiency HVAC system is one of the best ways to save on costly utility bills. In addition, utilize programmable thermostats, and remember to adjust the thermostat five to eight degrees when you are away or asleep.

When should I replace my HVAC system?

If your system is old, inefficient or in constant need of repair, it may be time for a replacement. Despite the upfront cost, your increased comfort and month-to-month energy savings make high-efficiency HVAC systems a worthwhile investment in many cases.

How often should I drain and flush my water heater?

Draining your tank water heater at least once a year removes the minerals that build up in the system. Mineral buildup causes your water heater to work harder to warm the water, and eventually causes water heater failure. Your tankless water heater also needs to be flushed annually to remove hard water from the system, which provides for efficient operation and long-lasting equipment.

Why does my breaker frequently trip?

If your circuit breaker trips frequently, it may be a sign that it is overloaded or unable to handle the required electrical load. If one specific appliance is the culprit, repair or replace the appliance to prevent electrical fires or system damage.